About Us



To provide strategic direction and bandwidth to help bring entrepreneurial organizations to the next level. There is an immense need for HR expertise for ambitious startups and high growth companies. You may not need to bring on additional headcount in HR, but you do need a strategic resource to act as your trusted advisor. By partnering with your leadership team, we can drive the organizational culture, translate enterprise strategy into workforce requirements and align the company’s human capital in support of organizational growth. We'll help you become THE employer of choice. Together, we will create value measured by outputs that are closely linked to revenue, profit margin, and brand recognition. 


One Size Does Not Fit All

It's true. Your organization is different from any other. There are a million HR solutions out there and we're only interested in finding the one that will work for you. We'll never push services that you don't need. In fact, we have a soft spot for startups and organizations with the goal to grow. Effective HR should protect your bottom line, not break it. 


Why Venture HR?

We know the law, we know what it takes to grow, and we can build an A-team. HR isn't about saying no; it's about finding ways to say yes. We have hands-on experience growing companies from startup to acquisition and we know the parts of the business to focus on for quick impact. We want your organization to experience this success too. No fluff, tangible solutions, measurable results.  

Bio & Background



Sarah Klose, CEO of Venture HR

An energetic leader with strategic human resources experience in high growth, mid-sized tech organizations. Many years of experience focused on organizational development, removing organizational barriers, identifying structural gaps, ensuring legal compliance and optimizing leadership output. Ability to thrive in the grey area; HR isn't always black and white. Understanding that the discipline of HR is a science and an art.

B.A. Psychology -  California State University, Sacramento


Member of SHRM, SAHRA, NCHRA, Founders Institute


Business solutions, not hall monitoring

We're here to help bring your business to the next level, not to make you a hall monitor. One of your most important assets is your human capital. We're here to help you manage this investment. What makes sense on paper doesn’t always translate into the real world; theory is much different than practice. No two people are exactly alike, and neither are organizations.  Yes, we have the requisite letters after our names that qualified HR pros should possess. But the more important part is that we can put theories into practice and interact with you as an extension of your own team.


We move quickly

We will quickly get to know your leaders, your people, and your pace, and not in some drawn out expensive “discovery” phase. We will pick up on your management style quickly and offer tangible solutions that you can swiftly implement.