HR Startup Kit




Everything you need, nothing you don't.  

Offer Letter Templates

Employee Handbook & Policies

New Hire & Termination Forms

Required Postings

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Employee File Instructions  

2 hours of consultation on your growth strategy

This is our comprehensive kit to get your HR bases covered. You receive electronic copies of your forms/templates and physical copies of your required postings.



  You'll know exactly how to use your kit and we'll review your growth plans together. Focusing on your growth strategy will enable us to create an action plan for your HR needs.

  •  When will you need health and retirement benefits? 
  • What kinds of perks do you want to offer in the future?
  • When will your organization become subject to new regulations?
  • What milestones will require you to bring in additional staff?

We'll help you create the HR road map.   

About HR Startup Kit


We were a startup once too...we get it

HR Startup Kit was created because entrepreneurs like us need access to executive-level expertise without Fortune 500 cost. Our team has the awesome experience of growing an early-stage startup through a $160M acquisition. This is accomplished by having the right plan and the right investment at the right time. Operate lean and operate responsibly. Our mission is to protect your valuable assets with the appropriate level of coverage without going overboard. Invest in affordable employer protection from the start so you can operate the rest of your business confidently. 

We know the law, we know what it takes to grow

From your first interaction with our team, you'll find yourself in the company of like-minded, competent professionals. We're current in our field, we're experts in CA complexity, we're credentialed and we know where your biggest risks are on the people front. We handle your startup needs for HR so that you can stay laser-focused on your next phase.  

We'll never push what you don't need

Integrity is key and that's what our company is fueled on. We've been on the corporate side of HR and we've also rolled up our sleeves in high-growth environments. Paying more doesn't necessarily mean that you get more. We know what you actually need...and what you don't. We will NEVER push a solution that your company isn't ready for. That's why the HR Startup Kit makes sense. It's a defined package. No long-term commitments. Effortless compliance for busy founders. We hope to earn your trust so that we can continue to partner at the evolving stages of your business when you're ready. 

HR Startup Kit Plus


Need Payroll & Timekeeping Solutions Too?


This option includes everything in the HR Startup Kit, PLUS selection and roll out of a payroll & timekeeping system.

There are many payroll platforms and timekeeping systems out in the world - we'll help you find the right one for your business. We'll make sure you have a system in place that addresses state-specific wage and hour obligations and payroll tax reporting requirements.

Already have a system in place but you're not sure how it all works? We'll review it and make sure you get optimal use.