recruiting & growth

We help you define your growth strategy, define your roles and even help you find your next hire



Big topic, tangible outputs. Venture HR works with you to develop your hiring plan including who, what, when and how much. We partner with you to define your payroll investment, align your leadership team to meet financial objectives, and identify the milestones that dictate growth and additional investment. From your initial headcount to your exit, you’ll be able to deliver action plans your stakeholders will love.


Job descriptions are a key component to your organization's compliance toolkit. Even if you have a relaxed culture with players that wear multiple hats, you need ADA compliant job descriptions on file for employees. Having clear roles also helps ensure that the company has the right talent in the right seats.


Yes, we recruit...and we do things a little differently. We search for talent in a FLAT-FEE model so that you're always in control of the cost. Whether you're looking for a $100k+ sales professional or someone to join your customer service team, the cost is the same. You can engage with us to search for talent when you have a specific need or you can retain us for ongoing search services with Venture Search when you want to maintain a constant recruiting presence to see what's out there in the market.


Compensation is tough! We can help you determine how much to pay for a new role, see how your current employees' comp compares to the market and put together compensation packages that will ensure your company is competitive.