The Law



SB 1343 is the new law as of January 1, 2019 that requires virtually ALL employers to provide Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training. If you are an employer with five or more employees, you are now required to provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to supervisors and one hour to nonsupervisory employees. 

Don't miss the fine print!  The minimum headcount of “5” employees also covers temporary employees and independent contractors!  

Online Training



Can the Training be Done Online?

YES. In fact, we recommend this option for most employers. Environments like retail, food and beverage, remote workforces, tech environments or employers with multiple shifts benefit greatly with an online platform. Self-paced online learning allows for the most individualized, flexible training for staff. The best providers have mobile options as well as bookmarking capability to allow employees to stop and start as needed. The right online training ensures that your staff meet the hours requirements (2 hours for supervisors and 1 hour for employees) and that all of the specific criteria is included as required by law. 

Your business operations continue like normal without pulling your entire workforce off the floor. Records are uniform and easily accessible.

We Make it Easy


We've secured discount seat prices that we pass through directly to our clients.

We can implement your online training and hand over the keys, or we can implement and manage your training project for 30 days. 

Companies with up to 25 employees can meet their harassment & discrimination training obligation for only  $625


More than 25 employees? We extend our discount seat prices to our clients for affordable compliance as well.

Discount Seat Prices + Full Implementation = Effortless Compliance for Business Owners

Other workforce Training


Protect and enhance your biggest asset - your people! We have awesome, tech-based training solutions for companies of all sizes whether the need to is meet compliance standards or to invest in technical and leadership skills for your team. There are numerous state, industry and role-specific training regulations for employers and we'll make sure your organization meets these requirements. 

  • Cyber-security & Privacy
  • Ethics & Anti-Corruption
  • New Supervisor & Leadership Training